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Reach tab zero in seconds.
Get more done with a fast computer and no distractions.

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You are not a tab hoarder. You are an advanced user stuck with a basic browser.
Tablerone gives you the missing superpowers.

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No accounts. 100% privacy.
Funded by happy users' donations.


Close all tabs without losing them

Stop accumulating open tabs because you can’t find time to save them one by one. Instead, safely close and reopen them when needed.


Work faster with fewer tabs

Guess how much time you lose each day to the browser? Waiting for things to load, looking for the right tab, and getting distracted in the process.


Multitask like a pro

Organise accounts, projects, trips,… the way it suits you. Easily close all tabs and open another session exactly where you left off.


  • Send multiple links with one link that others can import

  • Export multiple tabs’ URLs, meta titles, notes, and more

  • Enhance bookmarks with research snippets and side notes

  • Press ⌘+1 and find any open or saved tab in miliseconds

  • Automatically discard idle tabs to free RAM and CPU

  • All your bookmarks synced across devices

  • Manage sessions without lifting hands off the keyboard

  • Fine-tune to suit your workflow preferences

Private and secure without compromise

Your browsing is personal data. It belongs to you and it's a liability for us. We went to great lengths to ensure your data never leaks to third parties or us.

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No accounts. 100% privacy.
Funded by happy users' donations.