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Bookmarks you won’t forget about.
Easily switch workspaces and find visited links within a self-organising library.

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You are not a tab hoarder. You are an advanced user stuck with a basic browser.
Tablerone gives you the missing superpowers.

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No accounts. 100% privacy.
Funded by happy users' donations.

Effortlessly organise bookmarks

Save multiple tabs with one click. Find a needle in a haystack with search results described by *your* keywords. Track down by screenshot if you can’t recall the name or time.

Keep favourite sessions handy

Organise tabs into projects, accounts, research, plans,… the way it suits you. You can favourite (work)spaces and quickly switch between them to continue where you left off.


Remember and rediscover

Resurface unfinished work and interesting findings by seeing them on the home screen. If there’s one thing Tablerone is great for, it’s finding links you visited before.


  • Send multiple links with one link that others can import

  • Export multiple tabs’ URLs, meta titles, notes, and more

  • Enhance bookmarks with research snippets and side notes

  • Press ⌘+1 and find any open or saved tab in miliseconds

  • Automatically discard idle tabs to free RAM and CPU

  • All your bookmarks synced across devices

  • Manage sessions without lifting hands off the keyboard

  • Fine-tune to suit your workflow preferences

Private and secure without compromise

Your browsing is personal data. It belongs to you and it's a liability for us. We went to great lengths to ensure your data never leaks to third parties or us.

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No accounts. 100% privacy.
Funded by happy users' donations.