Tablerone was born out of frustration with hoarding tabs, losing useful links to crashes, and wasting time looking for them across apps.

Dissatisfied with tab management extensions available at the time, a tab-hoarding designer envisioned a better solution and pitched it to a couple of developer friends.

The rest is less cluttered than history and better than bookmarks.


July 2019 — Conceived
01 Dec 2019 — Founded
01 May 2020 — Chrome Web Store beta release
01 Jun 2020 — GA release
19 Aug 2020 — 100 active users
14 Jan 2021 — 1000 active users

We are Lovro Žitnik, Primož Marn, and Natan Nikolič.
Follow our progress on IndieHackers or Twitter.

Business model

Tablerone is available as donationware because we doubt you are willing to pay for something you can get for free from our competitors.

This model allows you to use it free of charge without any up-front risk and pushes us to make it worth being proactively paid for according to your satisfaction and means.