Every open tab uses some amount of memory and processing power, which quickly adds up to cause the computer to slow down. Tablerone remedies this problem by automatically saving the URL of inactive tabs, but discarding their content (after 60 minutes by default*).

We are using default Chromium functionality named Discard. They are describing it like this:

Discards a tab from memory. Discarded tabs are still visible on the tab strip and are reloaded when activated.

Source: chrome.tabs.discard

You might see a slight, probably undetectable delay when you click and "revive" a tab that was discarded. This is because the browser needs to re-load the page to working memory again.

For a smoother user experience, it exempts tabs:

  • currently in focus (for conference calls or passive use)
  • playing audio or video content (for background activity)
  • pinned tabs (for frequent use and as a manual exempt marker)
  • domains (like zoom.us, spotify.com etc.) on a fixed allow-list (formerly whitelist)

You can see what Chromium is doing (not Tablerone) on and manually discard pages by copy-pasting this link into the browser: chrome://discards

*If you want so save even more resources, you can lower the time to 30 minutes or even lower in the Settings.