When a collection is saved, Tablerone automatically closes tabs and their container window(s). This is the default behaviour that can be changed in the Settings.

Tablerone can save tabs in the following ways:


  1. Save all tabs in the current window (default)
  2. Save a selection of tabs
  3. Save a single tab
  4. Save and close all tabs in all windows (manual clean-up)
  5. Save tabs to an existing collection


Manual saving

Save all tabs in the current window (default)

The most basic way of saving is by clicking the Tablerone toolbar button. This action saves all tabs in the currently active browser window to a new collection. (Equivalent to clicking “Save & Close” or “Save” action from the top right corner menu within the Timeline).

Save a selection of tabs

This action gives you control to save only relevant tabs from all the open ones in the current window.

Before clicking on the Tablerone toolbar save button:

  • Sequentially select tabs — by clicking the first tab, then clicking the last tab while pressing and holding the Shift key
  • Non-sequentially select tabs — by pressing and holding the ⌘ (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) key and clicking on individual tabs

Save a single tab

You can also save an individual tab. Select the relevant content tab together with the Tablerone tab, then press the toolbar button to save.

(To create a selection, press and hold the ⌘ (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) key and click on the Tablerone tab.)


Save and close all tabs in all windows (manual clean-up)

You can save multiple windows with a single click by using the Clean-up button located in the top right corner of the Tablerone page.

This action saves all tabs in all open windows, each as a standalone collection. This is useful before sharing your screen in a video conference or doing a live demonstration.


Save tabs to an existing collection

This action opens an overlay Save menu which offers the best of both worlds: saving tabs as a new collection or adding them to an existing one.

To save the collection, click the blue “New collection” button (using the generated name) or rename it beforehand by typing a custom name into the search field.

To add tabs to an existing collection choose it from the list by scrolling or narrowing the list by using search.


This feature requires a change of default settings:


Automatic Clean-up

Every morning at 6 AM, Tablerone automatically runs the Clean-up action which saves (and closes) all tabs in all windows left open from the previous day. This flagship feature requires your computer to:

Be plugged into a power adaptor

Have the Power Nap (macOS) feature enabled when in sleep mode