Getting Started

Welcome to the club. Here you can learn the essentials that will get you up to speed and proficient with Tablerone.

Interface & Glossary

This article covers the basic terms we use to describe Tablerone’s graphical user interface and its functionality.

Multiple Ways to Save Tabs

Save tabs manually or automatically to a new or existing session. A single tab, a selection of tabs, all tabs in the currently active window, or all windows.

View, Open, and Close Sessions

Tabs are saved and organised within sessions. Open a single tab, selection of tabs or all tabs in a session. Learn how to rename and change a thumbnail cover.

Organise Tabs and Sessions

Tabs can be moved, copied, added, and merged between sessions. You can organise them by tagging, favouriting, and adding notes.

Import, Export, and Backup Data

If you previously used OneTab or Session Buddy, you can import your data to Tablerone. You can also export your Tablerone data for backup or sharing purpose.

Tab sleep mode

It is a clever way to save system resources by automatically and manually offloading content of idle tabs while keeping them open in the browser tab strip.