Tips & Tricks

Insights that will teach you how to use Tablerone to achieve maximum productivity.

How to restore Google Chrome tabs

If your browser just crashed, or you accidentally closed a window, don’t panic. Learn six ways to restore tabs and retrieve hours of research that went into them.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

Use default or change shortcuts for Activate the extension (click toolbar button), Save tabs to a new collection, Save and close all windows, Open Tablerone in new tab.

How to export tabs to a file

When you have to copy-paste multiple URLs and metadata from browser tabs, doing it one-by-one is a waste of time. Learn how to automate this tedious task with Tablerone.

How to organise tabs and bookmarks

Sorting tabs into groups and bookmarks into folders takes a lot of housekeeping work. Learn a simple but powerful trick to keep your browser organised effortlessly.

How to search tabs

When you open a lot of tabs, they become increasingly smaller and harder to identify. This article will teach you how to find the right tab instantly.