The problem is caused by an annoying obscure bug that we are unable to resolve without an official Chromium API fix.

Chrome API doesn’t report the appearance of a new window created by dragging tab(s) out of a primary window when the tab(s) are dragged out. Put simply, Tablerone that the user has completed the drag and drop action.

The issue has been reported on Google's official support pages, by us and many others. There is no official information regarding the status of this ticket.

We are actively pursuing a better solution to this problem.

The best currently known workaround is:

  1. Drag tab(s) out of the window and release
  2. Create a New Tab (Keyboard shortcut: MacOS: ⌘+T  | Windows: Ctrl+T)
  3. Close (new) tab (Keyboard shortcut: MacOS: ⌘+W | Windows: Ctrl+W)

This dummy tab sequence will spawn Tablerone tab into its normal state as #1 tab.