The pinned tab implementation offers powerful capabilities which otherwise wouldn’t be possible (and was easier to build). We are actively working on supporting a tab-less usage mode.

Tablerone's #1 pinned tab is a crucial part of its design and currently can't be closed (without breaking its core functionality). What you might perceive as bug, is a feature for others.


Tablerone was designed to serve several purposes:

  • Back-up open tabs to prevent their loss
  • Improve saving, organising, and finding bookmarks
  • Quicker tab navigation and window management

Much like the OS Desktop, its usefulness comes from being a frequently visited temporary storage for quick access to currently relevant things.

Tablerone’s pinned tab is an essential part of a different kind of browsing workflow that makes past sessions visible, reminds you to get back to them, and enables you to quickly open them — simply through frequently visiting your Tablerone timeline. In a way, it’s a re-imagination of the old home page.

Advantage of the #1 tab

The #1 tab turned out to be an excellent home for a tab that controls other tabs. Especially because this enables it to be selected with a premium keyboard shortcut:
[MacOS: ⌘+1 / Windows: Ctrl+1].

Once selected, you can use the type-to-search feature to filter out the Tablerone timeline for any currently open or previously saved tab.


We are reconsidering the current implementation and looking for a solution that will preserve the power-user ability without relying on a persistently pinned tab. We appreciate some people find it intrusive and annoying.