Tablerone’s #1 pinned tab is a crucial part of its design and currently can’t be closed. We are actively working on supporting a tab-less usage mode.

We appreciate some people find it intrusive and annoying. However, the pinned tab implementation offers powerful capabilities which can’t be achieved in another way.


Tablerone was designed to serve several purposes:

  • Back-up open tabs to prevent their loss
  • Improve saving, organising, and finding bookmarks
  • Quicker tab navigation and window management

Much like the OS Desktop, its usefulness lies in being a frequently visited temporary storage that can be used for reminders and quick access to things.

Tablerone’s pinned tab is an essential part of a different kind of browsing workflow that makes past sessions visible, reminds you to get back to them, and enables you to quickly open them — simply through frequently visiting your Tablerone timeline. In a way, it’s a re-imagination of the old home page.

Advantage of the #1 tab

The #1 tab is an excellent home for a tab that controls other tabs. Especially because it can be selected with a premium keyboard shortcut:
[MacOS: ⌘+1 / Windows: Ctrl+1].

Once selected, you can type-to-search, which will filter the timeline for currently open and previously saved tabs.


We are reconsidering the current implementation and looking for a solution that will preserve the power-user ability without relying on a persistently pinned tab.