It’s been a minute. While it may seem that Tablerone development stopped, the truth is the opposite.

Previous version

V.1.5.4 was an important release. You most likely missed it because of a notifications bug, so here’s a quick recap.

Tablerone has undergone the mandatory Manifest V3 upgrade, thus ensuring it will stay available on the Chrome Web Store for years to come. With this finally done, we’re returning to feature development with exciting news to be shared soon.

This version

We fixed a few unfortunate bugs that made their way into the production version.

  • Events reporting to Mixpanel analytics has been restored
  • Favicons are loading and refreshing automatically again
  • Daily clean-up feature no longer saves and closes tabs when disabled
  • New version notification is now showing on update (hopefully)


As always, your feedback is outmost welcome:‌‌