It’s been a minute. While it may seem that Tablerone development stopped, the truth is the opposite. We are finally releasing the Manifest V3 upgrade, thus ensuring that Tablerone will stay available on the Chrome Web Store for years to come.

We will release more information in the next few months. For now, it’s safe to say Tablerone is back on track, and we have big plans for the future.

What is Manifest V3?

Manifest V3 is a new technical standard for browser extensions. In 2021, Google announced a directive by which all V2 extensions will be deleted from the Chrome Web Store. The new deadline for that is January 2024.

About this release

The update entails a significant codebase rewrite to a Service Workers architecture and functions compliant with the MV3 specifications (see details below).

Aside from a few minor fixes and improvements, the functionality remains the same.

Background.js to MV3

  • axios to fetch
  • Replacement of URL.createObjectURL
  • Rework of variables dependent on long-term background pages to use Chrome’s Storage APIs
  • Timer functions to Chrome’s Alarms API
  • Rework of canvas-related functions to use Chrome’s OffscreenCanvas API
  • Chrome.contextMenus onclick handler to onClicked event
  • Automatic backups saved to instead of localStorage
  • Rework of dependence on Image constructor
  • Removal of confirm and alert

Chrome APIs to MV3

  • Migration of chrome.browserAction to chrome.action
  • Migration of chrome.extension.getURL to chrome.runtime.getURL


As always, your feedback is outmost welcome:‌‌