Rejoice as we finally bring you the long-awaited fixes to several annoying bugs.

“Open all” button no longer stalls after browser restart. (Before it resulted in placebo clicks for some users.)

Resaving a session now updates its place on top of the timeline. (Before it stayed in the position of the original save date.)

Tablerone pinned tab no longer multiplies after a browser crash and other obscure scenarios. (We are aware some of you would prefer to get rid of it entirely. We are working on that, but it will take time.)

“Copy to…” button no longer moves but copies selected items to a target session. (Whoops.)

”Sleep/Wake this tab” menu item is now contextual depending on the tab’s status.

Onboarding sessions once again show preview images and favicons.

We also polished a few UI details, such as optimising the timeline for smaller screens, improving Help Center layout, and fixing the empty space in Save Menu notifications.

And finally, the automatic naming of sessions now supports Brave Search.

As always, your feedback is outmost welcome:‌‌